In Cat House, jazz singer Cat Conner takes the listener on a guided tour of the inner life of a woman who has experienced all the trials and tribulations that a lifetime imposes. The songs on this CD show the breadth of Conner’s chops. Each tune tells a story that reflects her own path through love and loss. Her approach to the lyrics is always direct and honest, whether it’s a swing tune, ballad, the blues, or Latin groove.
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Cat Tales

“Lustrous, pleasing voice, crystal-clear articulation: check. Deep-rooted feeling for jazz, ability to swing: check. Perceptive choice of material, respect for a lyric: check. World-class sidemen who always place her interests ahead of their own: check. Splendid sound quality that favors everyone involved: check…This is an impressive debut for a singer who should be much better known.” All About Jazz — Jack Bowers
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