Cat House



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      1. Everything I Love / Everything I Desire

      2. Handsome Man

      3. Sans Souci

      4. Giant Steps

      5. Throw Me Away

      6. Remind Me

      7. Baltimore Oriole

      8. Heart's Desire

      9. Wishing On The Moon

      10. You're Driving Me Crazy

      11. Come On Strong

      12. What A LIttle Moonlight Can Do

      13. People Say


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Cat House is a profoundly personal project that reflects the ups and downs of a life lived with empathy and a keen awareness of the heart’s vicissitudes. Conner sings with a wide range of emotional expression and a depth of feeling that cuts right to the essence of the lyric. The songs on this disc are not the usual fare. They were chosen because each one tells a story that resonates with Conner’s own experiences and outlook. From playful and suggestive to poignant and passionate, Conner opens the door to her Cat House and invites you in for an intimate tour.

Produced by Cat Conner, John Chiodini & Paul Taverner

Cat Conner – vocals
John Chiodini – guitar
Tom Ranier – piano
Gene Cipriano – tenor sax, clarinet, bass oboe, bass clarinet
Chuck Berghofer – bass
Joe LaBarbera – drums
Ron Stout – trumpet
Dick Nash – trombone
Stephanie O’Keefe – French horn
Bob Carr – bassoon, bass clarinet, alto flute

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Liner Notes

Recording each one of my 13 lucky tunes has helped me to express my joy, let go of shame and understand my experiences in my life and love. As I am flirting with my golden years, I was utterly compelled to put together my big juicy vision! I refuse to be haunted by ghosts of the past and I choose to be here in the moment and not live in fear … but in love!

Everything I Love/Everything I Desire – Along with the relatively unknown, quirky verse, this delightful Cole Porter tune was brought to my attention by the great woodwind player, Gary Foster. John wrote a kicking soli line for me to scat with him, but words just poured out to say how I felt being in love right now! That became Everything I Desire. Just listen to John’s fabulous solo and comping.

Handsome Man – Duke Ellington first wrote the idiosyncratic “Star Crossed Lovers” and Billy Strayhorn added his devastatingly lonely lyrics: Pretty Girl, which I sing as Handsome Man. These words speak to me of my own troubled times.This deep, glorious arrangement by the talented and intuitive David Angel has the horns cradling me in a rich, comforting pillow of air-born artistry.

Sans Souci (no worries) – Peggy Lee’s lyrics convey the feeling of leaving a dark place. Life is too precious to waste on those who don’t respect or appreciate you! Having worked with Peggy Lee, John wrote this amazingly deep arrangement that really captured what I was feeling. Cip’s mysterious bass oboe is exotic and haunting, Joe’s masterful hands dance on the skins, John’s guitar supports and punctuates with spacey guitar riffs, and Chuck unites us with his cool bass groove.

Giant Steps – I never thought I would find someone at this point in my life, but I did envision exactly what I wanted, and he appeared! My dear friend Meredith d’Ambrosio (with a little help from Ron Hurston) wrote these succinct, affirmative lyrics to John Coltrane’s historic bebop tune. Chiodini’s sensitive, Latin arrangement and Tom’s lilting yet burning piano solo can’t help but put you in the mood for love!

Throw Me Away – One lovely day you’re lost in love and the next, he’s gone. Michael Dees, a very talented singer/songwriter, wrote this as a bebop tune. The lyrics are so clever that I didn’t want to fly over them too fast, so we played it with a slow, buttery groove. Cip’s easy, enchanting clarinet somehow gives the whole
tune an uplifting air.

Remind Me – Oh, that moment when you realize your lover might not be right for you. This luscious arrangement was written by Brian Swartz, a superb singer/trumpeter, who really captured the essence of this amazing tune. The
wonderful Stephanie O’Keefe on French horn, Cip on English horn and me, the Canadian horn!

Baltimore Oriole – Here’s to the “player,” the smooth talker who says all the words you want to hear and hustles your heart right out from under you! Ron Stout’s soulful, yearning trumpet adds the perfect flair of elegant intrigue.

Heart’s Desire – Dream Big in this beautiful life! Dave Frishberg wrote these delightfully positive lyrics to Alan Broadbent’s beautiful ballad. I thought that its sheer joy in following your dream fit well into a frolicsome Latin beat. John’s clever and inspiring arrangement and his playful solo are the perfect complement.

Wishing on the Moon – Wishing and dreaming for that mate who brings you joy every time you think of them. Wanting the simple joys in life, Tom takes us on a walk in the moonlight in his inspired piano solo.

You’re Driving Me Crazy – Have you ever had that realization that you don’t enjoy being with the person you thought you loved? This song was written in the 1930’s, and it is still apropos today. I was thrilled to have the sublime trombonist, Dick Nash join Cip and me on this frolicking old standard.

Come On Strong – Sometimes a dame just has to ask for what she wants. This unique, powerful and sexy tune is a relatively unknown Cahn/Van Heusen composition that fit perfectly into the Cat House!

What A Little Moonlight Can Do – This is love in full, joyous bloom, but with a touch of apprehension. Joe sets the whole vibe for this smokin’ tempo and John and Tom trade solos playing their asses off!

People Say (Song for Rob) – I found my extraordinary son, Rob, many years after I unwillingly gave him up for adoption. I wrote this song to finally allow me to say how it felt for all those years of yearning for him.


Produced by Cat Conner, John Chiodini & Paul Tavenner

Arrangements by John Chiodini (except 2, 6, 9, 11)
David Angel: arranger (2)
Brian Swartz: arranger (6)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Paul Tavenner at Big City Recording

Photography by Barbara Porter
Graphic design by Alan Wexler

Thank You

My vocal thanks to Hazel Walker, Gloria Ferrar, Linda Vickerman, Jay Clayton, Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy and especially Rebecca Parris! Thanks: Charlie Pignone, Holly Foster Wells, Barbra Porter, Alan Wexler, Lee Bradford, “Song Scout” Roger Crane, Holly Cooper at Mouthpiece Music, Meredith d’Ambrosio, George Mesterhazy (I miss you) & Marla Kleman! My big sister Betty Lovegren for everlasting love and encouragement! David Angel and Brian Swartz for your amazing arrangements. John Chiodini for your joyously unending support in bringing my vision to fruition and your inspired playing! Joe, Chuck, Tom, Stephanie, Ron, Bob and Dick for your righteous friendship and your glorious playing. My Cip for your shining light that has always helped me to find my own.


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